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Chimney Caps

Chimney Caps Installation and Repair

Arrington Roofing Basic Chimney CapAt Arrington, we are committed to evaluating and servicing your entire roof system. There are many parts to this system, including the chimney.   The chimney cap is a roof component that is often overlooked by roofers and it may require maintenance.   Chimney caps can begin to leak and as water enters the chimney, attic and roof, further problems will develop.

We can provide preventative maintenance through water-proofing a concrete chimney cap, or we will repair it if problems already exist. In some cases, we will recommend a new metal chimney cap which lasts longer and provides the best level of protection against leaks.

Not only will chimney caps extend the life of your flue, but the screened versions will also keep birds and squirrels from building their homes in your chimney. Blockages due to animal infestation can cause carbon monoxide and smoke to backup into your home, causing health risks and possible smoke damage to your valuables.

Don’t let your roof go unchecked and unprotected.  Protect the investment you have in your home by calling Arrington to evaluate your entire roof system.  To schedule a complimentary roof system assessment, please call us at 214-698-8443 or fill out an online Consultation and Estimate form.

It has been said a chimney without a cap is like a house without a roof.

Imagine how much water would come into your home during a rainstorm if you had a hole in your roof twelve inches square. Chimney flues may be even larger than that, so where does all that water go? It runs down the chimney and seeps into the bricks and mortar, settling behind the firebricks. There is little air circulation in the chimney (unless you’re using it) and no sunlight, so the inside of the chimney stays wet long after the rain stops. This moisture erodes the mortar joints and weakens the brick. Add to this a freeze/thaw cycle during the cold months, and you have all the needed ingredients for a deteriorating chimney.

Take our word for it: even though you can’t see the damage happening, it’s there, slowly deteriorating your beautiful fireplace and chimney. This is a particularly important consideration if you have a metal firebox incorporating a metal damper and smoke shelf. All fireplace dampers made of metal are subject to this deterioration as the water mixes with creosote and mild acids are formed. Even chimneys serving wood stoves are in need of a cover.

Listed below are several good reasons to have a chimney cap:

  1. Keep out rain, snow and sleet.
  2. Keep out animals and birds.
  3. Keep out leaves, twigs and other debris which could lead to a blockage or chimney fire.
  4. Keep sparks from leaving the chimney and igniting nearby combustibles.
  5. Help eliminate wind induced downdrafts.

Chimney caps are made from a variety of materials. The most common are galvanized, stainless steel, and copper. Caps made of stainless steel and copper will last much longer than those made of regular galvanized metal and normally carry an extended warranty. Spending a little extra for a good quality chimney cap will be money well spent and there will be no danger of rust staining the chimney.