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Five Ways to Save – Energy Efficient Roofing Systems

Five Ways to Save Through Energy Efficient Roofing Systems

  1. Reduced Energy Usage – Energy use reduction will result in savings on monthly utility bills that can range up to 30% in summer and up to 10% in winter.
  1. Mechanical Equipment Replacement Costs – Reduced run-time on mechanical equipment means that the equipment will have more years of life. Simply put, if equipment runs half as much it should have twice as many years of useful life.  Furthermore, while the attic equipment is designed to run in a heat saturated environment, not having to start up and overcome the residual temperature of an additional 30 or 40 degrees means much less mechanical stress on the equipment.
  1. Roof Replacement Costs – The life of a roof can be reduced by as much as half due to improperly vented attics. Proper ventilation is critical. Cool air is needed on the underside of decks to help keep the shingles cool which protects the length of their useful life. Each day, the temperature can swing from nighttime lows to daytime highs and the speed at which that takes place, puts a lot of thermal expansion stress on roofing and decking. This can “loosen” a roof at fasteners as well as at seal tabs, making the system more subject to wind lift off. Additionally, improper ventilation can lead to build up of moisture in attics which deteriorates decking and in worst cases framing.
  1. Energy Incentives Tax Credits – Up to a $1500 (30% of cost) tax credit is available to offset the cost of products designed to prevent heat from escaping or gain and are considered insulating materials. The types of blown fiberglass, insulation, gap sealer, attic stair tent and radiant barrier Arrington offers, all meet the criteria for this tax credit.
  1. Peak and Tiered Energy Rates – Peak and tiered energy rates will continue to be a way that energy companies motivate property owners to upgrade their homes.  It is speculated as energy prices rise and homeowners continue to maximize the efficiency of their homes, energy providers will make it more expensive not to have efficiency measures in place, which minimize use during peak periods and help keep total use toward the lower end of tiered rates.

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