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Roof Shield Rewards Club



  • Gutter cleaning*
  • Roof Sweep
  • Max Flow Vent Cleaning
  • Flashing Tune-Up
  • Pipe Boot Replacedᵝ
  • New Penetrationsᵝ
  • Nail “Pops” Reset†
  • Shingle Replacement†.

       ᵝ up to 3 each   † up to 5 standard each


 Bonus Specials:

                    These specials can be used at any time and along with any other seasonal special offer by Arrington Roofing.

           ATTIC VENTILATION – $100 of ADDITIONAL service for purchases over $500

           CHRISTMAS LIGHTS – $100 of ADDITIONAL service for purchases over $500

          REROOF – 5% off on a total reroof of your home (up to $500)

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