My Attic Is HOT!


For many homeowners climbing in the attic is a hassle for multiple reasons. They are difficult to navigate, and 5 minutes up there can leave you drenched in sweat. Unless the attic is conditioned, it will always be significantly hotter than the house, but 170 degrees feels a lot different than 130. If you’re storing valuables in the attic, the heat can also damage your belongings.

The key to a cool attic is proper ventilation. You want plenty of intake at the eaves, such as soffit vents or, if you don’t have soffits, a shingle over intake vent. The cooler air around the house enters and should rise to the peak and out of the attic through exhaust vents. The air in the attic gets hot and escapes through the exhaust vents, pulling air through the vents at the eaves. This cycle of air also keeps the shingle cool and healthy. Proper attic ventilation is a requirement by all asphalt shingle manufacturers for a valid material warranty.

The other added benefit of a cool attic is lower A/C costs. A cooler attic means the insulation around your ducts doesn’t have to work as hard to keep the air cold, and eases the stress on the motor in your A/C unit.

Ventilation isn’t only important in the warmer summer months. During the winter the hot pipes in your attic will create condensation which needs to be expelled to prevent moisture build up on the decking and in the insulation.

If you’re experiencing high energy bills or are concerned about your shingles health, give us a call and we can evaluate your ventilation needs.

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