5 Enemies of Your Roof Part 5: Vegetation


Trees are one of the biggest enemies of your roof. From falling branches to leaves piling up in the gutters, there are some negatives that come along with having beautiful canopies.

Trees overhanging the house produce various threat levels based on the volume of the falling debris. In most cases simple routine roof cleanings can prevent the build up of leaves and dirt on the roof, but if it goes unchecked, debris can cause serious leaking and potential structural damage.

Roofs are water shedding systems, designed to get moisture off of the shingles as quickly as possible. When there are obstructions in valleys or behind chimneys the water cannot get off the roof as fast as it needs to. When dirt and leaves decompose and become mud, the moisture wicks its way between the shingles and travels upslope, finding its way behind the felt and through nail holes, resulting in leaks. The roof may be installed perfectly but water will still get through the seals in the shingles.

The worst case scenario is if plants start to grown in these mud piles. The small roots of the plants force themselves between shingles, separating the bonding, making matters a lot worse.

Roofs require maintenance. You can, and should, expect to spend 10-20% of the initial cost, over a 5- year period for cleaning and routine check ups if you are unable to clean the roof yourself. Some roofs are very steep and should always be left to the professionals to maintain.

Give us a call and we will gladly provide proper maintenance to be sure your roof stays healthy and your home stays dry.

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