Hail and Storm Damage Claim Process


If you follow these simple steps to restore your property the claim process experience will be a little less stressful.

  1. After every storm with damaging wind or hail call Arrington Roofing for a FREE inspection.
  2. Call your Insurance Agent to start the claim process if there is enough damage.
  3. The Insurance Company Adjuster will call to set up a meeting at your property.
  4. Call Arrington Roofing to meet you and the adjuster to inspect the property together.
  5. You will then receive a check for a portion of the total claim amount.
  6. If you have a mortgage company this check may be payable to you and the mortgage company. Call your mortgage company to find out their procedures for processing the check and repairing your property.
  7. Once your first check is received and is valid for deposit start the repairs or replacement work on your property.
  8. During the construction process, additional damage may be discovered and supplemental requests should be made to the insurance company.
  9. Upon completion and acceptance from you all of our work, Arrington Roofing will final invoice the insurance company.\
  10. Upon your receipt of final payment notify Arrington Roofing your final payment is ready to be picked up.
  11. Upon receiving payment in full, Arrington Roofing will send you all warranties and a paid-in-full invoice.

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