5 Enemies of Your Roof Part 1: Weather


From severe sunburns to frostbite, mother nature shows no favoritism. Since the beginning of human existence, we’ve been persevering through and hiding from one of our biggest rivals: The Outside. It goes beyond just comfort, mother nature proves time and time again to be violent.

As our desire to protect ourselves from her volatile temperament has increased, so has the quality of our building materials designed to keep her out. However, nothing can stand up to her treatment for long. Destructive 200mph winds, and solid ice falling from the sky will challenge just about any structure mankind has built thus far.

When is comes to roofing, asphalt shingles don’t stand a chance against the violent characteristics of our climate, let alone the moderate ones. Hail and high wind is more common in some areas than others, and we have accepted a level of resistance roofing materials need to survive the average weather patterns across the globe. Small hail stones the size of ping pong balls can ruin completely good shingles, while winds of 80mph can rip them right off. Instead of increasing the shingles resilience to these elements, we’ve decided to go the insurance route. A mark of modern society.

Besides the spotty attributes of the weather, mother nature has one trick that no geographical area can avoid: UV rays. The sun isn’t biased to where it shines. Even in the coldest of climates, UV rays will damage any asphalt shingle.

If your roof avoids all the other enemies, the sun is the one that will inevitably take it down. This is why weather tops our list of the 5 Enemies of your roof.

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