What is the importance of a roof?


From the beginning of time, man has only had three true physical needs. FOOD. SHELTER. CLOTHING. The roof over your head, the walls that support it, and the foundation on which everything depends are the three basic elements of SHELTER. All other aspects of our modern homes are truly luxuries.

Ask any builder and he will tell you to put the money, time, and effort into the roof, walls, and foundation if you want to be in business for the long haul. Shiny cabinets and granite countertops really wow us today but if the basic elements fail, everything fails.

NOTE: Your roof, any roof, is a system. There are many components of a roof. Some you see and some you do not see. In Texas, there is no license to be a roofing contractor. Therefore, many “roofers” may or may not know how to put a great roofing system together. They can put you and all your belongings at risk. Your roofer is as important as the roof itself. Talk to someone who had a roof failure. They will tell you how important a roof is.

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