5 Enemies of Your Roof Part 3: Other Contractors


 This enemy shouldn’t be limited to just contractors, but should included any human that gets on your home- including yourself. In hot summer months, especially in the southern states, asphalt shingles reach extremely high temperatures. Even just walking on the roof can smear the top layer of the shingle, removing granules which protects the asphalt from the sun. Professional roofers know how to safely walk a roof, so its best leave it to us.

Even in cooler climates, heavy traffic on the roof will wear it down, especially if work is being performed by a certain area for a long period of time. Any work performed around your chimney such as painting, re-mortaring, or replacing chimney caps can leave the shingles bruised and scarred. While the work may be necessary, it is wise to have a roofer out after it’s completed to check for any damage.

The handy-man can also pose a threat. While some handy-men are skilled and knowledgable in how to perform repairs, often times they will spread roofing tar over the shingles and call it a day. This is a temporary “band-aid” fix that will only put off and potentially exasperate an issue. It is typical that using roof tar to stop a leak will result in more shingles needing to be replaced. It’s true for many things, but especially in roofing, that going cheap ends up costing more in the long run. Be sure to hire a professional roofer for your repairs, or a handy man that you are positive has the knowhow to complete properly complete roofing repairs.

The most shocking and brainless damage I have seen has been caused by Christmas light installers. There is a way to properly install lights with clips that fasten to the edge of the shingles, but occasionally these installers will staple lights right onto the shingle! Big no-no.

While most contractors will take care not to damage your property, it would behoove you to get a roof inspection after anyone has trekked across your shingles. Give Arrington Roofing a call for a free roof inspection.

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