5 Enemies of Your Roof Part 2: Animals


The weather isn’t the only thing we want to keep out. We seal up our shelters to keep any other living thing from sharing our space. From ants to bears, we’ve grown to find other species uncomfortable to live with. While some of these insects and animals can harm our well being, they also pose a threat to the integrity of our homes.

When winter comes, we aren’t the only ones looking to stay warm. The most common culprits of roof destruction are rodents, marsupials and the cute but fierce raccoon. These furry creatures have razor sharp claws that, with enough determination, allow them to bore their way through shingles and even wood decking. Their ability to fit through tiny entryways makes them difficult to keep out. The most common point of entry, however, is through saturated wooden fascia and soffit boards. It is important to be sure these areas are maintained to prevent an infestation.

The most common and strange animal damage that occurs on roofs is caused by squirrels. Squirrels teeth never stop growing and they must widdle them down constantly. Lead pipe boots serve as a perfect sharpener. Lead boots are very popular because of their top notch resistance to weathering. Unless damaged by physical outside forces, lead will never decompose. Lead pipe boots are also 3 to 4 times as expensive as their neoprene counterpart. While the neoprene (rubber) boots may only last up to 10 years in the sun, if you live near a large squirrel population, it may be best to go with neoprene and replace them once rather than continually replacing your lead boots. There are also some squirrel preventing items like expanded aluminum wire that is installed over the boot. This also tends to be effective.

If you’ve been hearing the pitter patter of animals on your roof, it is probably a good idea to give us a call to be sure they haven’t caused any damage, before you have to call an exterminator.

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