The Seven Requirements of a Quality Roofer


On the list of trusted professions, roofing contractors rank 99 of 100. Beating out only the used car salesman. There’s a good reason for this. The lack of regulation, low barrier to entry, a seemingly simple business to hungry entrepreneurs, and a highly lucrative market, attract a less-than-ideal crowd of money chasers. This list will help you sort through the scammers and “get rich quick” to find a contractor that may have your best interest in mind.

Check for the following:

  1. They have a physical office. While some young companies start in out-of-home offices, which was true for Chris Arrington, most roofing companies go out of business in the first 3 years. A physical office is more common for an established company and one who plans to be in the community for a while.

  2. They have insurance. Maybe the most important requirement for a roofing company, having insurance ensures if anything were to happen while workers are on your property, no one is going to come after you to flip the bill.

  3. They are part of voluntary associations. Many states do not require a license or certification to be a roofer like they would an electrician or a plumber. Strange that the trade that protects your home has the least amount of regulation. You can thank big insurance companies for that. Reputable roofers will invest the time and money to be a part of these associations to build their credibility.

  4. They use trained installers. Proper installation is crucial. Anyone can buy products from a supplier, but the pieces must be assembled correctly for the roof to last as long as it should. Reputable companies will bring in various manufacturers to train their crews on best installation practices.

  5. Good reviews and ratings. And not just the quality, but the quantity of reviews. Reviews can be hard for companies to get, but be sure they are near or past the 50 mark on Google. Arrington Roofing has over 140 Google reviews and is rated 5 stars. We also have an A+ BBB rating.

  6. They offer good warranties. Most roofs, if installed poorly, will start to show signs of failing within the first 2 years. But many times issues won’t present themselves for 5 or more. Avoid the 2-year warranties, and shoot for over 5. Arrington Roofing offers a 10-year workmanship warranty on all of our roofs, ensuring you’re covered if any errors were made during installation.

  7. Financing options. Partnerships with finance companies take time and effort to build. This shows that a roofing company is in it for the long haul, not just a quick buck. It also shows that they want to provide you with the ability to manage your own money how you choose. Have an insurance claim? We all know money is worth more now rather than later. Hold on to the insurance payments and make investments elsewhere while you pay off your roof over time. Roofs cost as much if not more than cars, and it’s much more common to make payments on a car than to pay cash. Maybe it’s time we re-think how we pay for our roofing systems.

These requirements take time and effort to attain but should be the basis for any company that plans on servicing your community for the years to come. While most contractors will not meet these expectations, there are plenty that do. Save yourself from bad contractors, and be sure your roofer checks these boxes. I promise you’ll be glad you did.

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